Saints go marching – welfare
Sinners go crushing – warfare
Soul mates meet – welfare
Soil seek bloodshed – warfare.
Great men plan out – welfare
Greedy men plot out – warfare
Selfless seek out – welfare
Selfish bring out – warfare. 

If both are fare, how come result is bare
If both begin with “w” how come ‘wel’ and ‘war ’ differ
When so much similarity in words
Why do we get end result so very strange?

All human beings look alike in structure
All men on earth breathe in the same air
How come one cannot understand another
How come all differ one way or the other?

Is it the plan of God to seek and find the truth
Is it the mind of God that man differ and rebel and reach the goal
If so, who is right, who is good, who is just
If so what is right, what is good, what is just.
Bush felt it was his duty to destroy all the evil in the world
Veerappan thought it was his task to diminish all social injustice
Bin Laden felt the urge to chop the heads of the west
Fanatics of all time felt their supreme duty to discard whatever is not of theirs.

If each one works with his own mind
We can have only warfare
If each one works for one another
We can have welfare.