Good morning, o! sweet little one

Feel at home as this is your home

I am here to greet you with the morn

And wish you all the best in life.


Now you look… pretty sweet…

so we go…here we go….


Count on….my child…from one to hundred

Write on my sweet little darling A B C.

Draw the moon, then the sun and the stars

Paint with blue a clear sky and a leaf green.


Show me your hands with fingers and nail

Tell me the colour of your hair and lips

Pick up from the basket a bunch of grapes so sweet

Break the stick into two or three.


Now look at me and answer these queries one by one

Then shake hands with mummy and say, ‘I love you.’




What is your name my cute little one…

How are you and how old are you…

Do  you know the name of your dad and mom

If not the name of your pet and pal.


Come closer and sit by my side

Look on the screen and name the picture on –


A for apple, B for ball

D for dog and M for milk.


If you are so smart a child, answer few more questions so clear

And  tell Papa that you love him too..


Show me the actions you do in a day

Hands up ….hands down…then clap your hands

Close your eyes and smile away

Open  your arms and touch your feet.


Jump a little and pray for a while

Eat an ice cream and wash your face

Dance to the music that you love to sing

And sing for me a  poem  of  your choice.


Sweet little darling…you have done very well

Come to Carmel for we  wish  you well

You are our  jingle bell, you are our  pride

We need you, for we love you.

copyright  *Sister Mariella