I dream that the leaders of our country wake up in the morning refreshed
To greet the day and spread the message of peace.
I dream that each one keep their identity and fulfil their duty
Never faltering or following a wrong fellow around.

I dream that he or she who comes in power
Never forget the purpose and promises 
To God and his countrymen
To build up our nation and never to break it.

I dream that the Left should not set right the Right
But the right leader must lead our country.
Let any party come in power
But be it consist of leaders who are human, then Indians.

I dream that the young and old
Realise the great role they play
In building up our nation
And never dare to break it down.

May our leaders be guided by their conscience
And not by the ruffians 
May God grant them wisdom and knowledge
To lead and guide our nation into peace and prosperity.

May God bless our country.