India’s Independence Celebration:

15th August – the wake up call was heard 
and all dressed up and marched forward
to the venue ...the heart of our nation’s pride.

All blind and toothless
Lifting their pointer stick, started
Sensing whether they have reached
the correct place of celebration.

All opened their mouth to sing National Anthem
But there arose hoarse uproar of sounds 
of varied rhythm and rhyme
for they were all toothless.

The little boy in the crowd
looked up in wonder and asked,
“Why are you all blind?
Why are you all toothless?                        Read More 

No answer was heard as no answer was found
The boy took the history book 
And turned the pages 
and found the answer.

“The freedom was sought and brought
by the selfless leaders of the past.
The freedom is celebrated and enjoyed
by the selfish and foolish …of the present.

In the bargain, freedom was murdered
on the way and all the way,
following the famous dictum

“ Tit for tat” 
“  Eye for an eye” 
“  tooth for a tooth”

And we have today the 
blind and toothless 
to celebrate an Independence Day.

Wake up – Wake up – wake up
Change your ways …
Change your thoughts
Change your plans
Change your mistaken identity.
Sister Mariella.