There remained a coconut tree in the courtyard of Eliswa

It yielded plenty of coconuts that served one  and all in the locality
The leaves were used by the tenants for their thatched houses
The fine foliage for various needs.

 Eliswa learnt a lot from this coconut tree
 Of giving selflessly and magnanimously
Through its tender coconuts and mature ones
For the sick and tired health and wealth

She pondered, from root to the top in service remain
A simple tree so tall with no branches
If so, why shouldn’t I be of service of many
Though simple, humble and not self made

Years have past and seasons have changed
 Eliswa too passed years and seasons
 Years of growth and seasons of joy and sorrow
 And was time to meditate on the law of the Lord.

She remained a sturdy tree in the garden of Carmel
No branches but varied were the uses
Toot to the top in humble submission
In the service of God and service of man

 A welcome sign at the gate of Carmel
        With simplicity magnanimity sympathy and empathy
 She waved the branches of her good will
 And a long line of dependents shared the shade of this palm

She bore fruits in plenty and shared with kith and kin
Numberless were the ones who enjoyed the sweetness of her love
Enriched their souls with the kernel of her faith
And enthused their wills to follow her foot steps

 Today in Carmel we see all around
 Sisters who have imbibed the spirit of this holy Nun
 A foundress par excellent in service and hospitality
 A useful tree from head to foot.