Hey! I spoke to the dawn in numberless syllables
Hai ! I muttered all the prayers to the morning glory 
High above the heavens His glory
Highlands and lowlands praise His name.

In the wings of prayer I took my flight
For the day had just dawned as I knelt in prayer
To the God of heaven,  I entrusted all that I would do on that day
Trusting in His providence and presence that was sure.

There came my students with lowly steps and lovely hearts
Then came my colleagues one and all
There came my helpers male and female
Then parents, well-wishers, neighbours and so on

There came pretty youth who passed away from the School
Then came on a mission workers and worshippers
There came the aged, the sick, the lonely
Then came those seeking a job or willing to render their service.

Then one by one departed and went to their own world
Leaving me behind in my little room
That was my abode for the rest of the day and night
To examine my conscience and evaluate my  day.

Then  ……. Yes…..then….
Slowly and sweetly I heard the voice
Of all those who met with me during the day
And passed my way that day …….

For all that I spoke and for all that I did
Did they respond – “This is the Word of the Lord………..” ?
“This is the deed of the Lord………...” ?
Why wonder?
When Jesus and His disciples moved and lived…
Whatever they spoke and did…..
When passed on in  written word to generation to generation
All that was read and listened
All responded – “ This is the word of the Lord”.
If so,  be  not our words and deeds …..be,  the word of the Lord ?