I climbed on a mountain  top 
Sat close to the blue sky with clouds
Clouds moved away leaving me behind
To believe that God is all pervading

I leaned on a pearly rock
Settled for ages and will never move again
Feeling strong I gathered the strength
To live day by day in due gradation.  

I moved downward to valley
Saw a stream running by
Rested a while keeping my feet in cool dancing waters
To feel the closeness of a God who ever creates.

I  rushed towards the crowd that was cheering
Cherished moments of pride in the victory gained
Slowly vanished the hues and woes
To find that glory never lasting.

I took steps to the park and to the woods
Listened to the birds, breeze and bees
Followed up to feel and touch and know
The marvellous work of my master divine .

Then I returned –

To my cabin to continue my work
In the midst of my books and notes He showed up
To tell me all that I must do and plan
To be a great teacher like Him.

Slowly I moved to the class of my students 
And He showed up again in the face of that weak and doubtful child
That He needs me to teach and reach out 
To each and every one of them.